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What's Hot & What's Not - What Labels are You All Searching For?

What's Hot & What's Not - What Labels are You All Searching For?

Regular readers will know that we periodically analyse what you've all been typing into the search bar (golf clubs? really?) and use it to give us a barometer of what's hot and what's not. It really helps in conversation with sellers - particularly when trying to gently explain why just because an item has a designer label - it won't necessarily sell. It also helps explain why prices can fluctuate so quickly in this supply and demand business.

So what are the headlines??

Chanel now features in 11% of searches - up from 7.6% six months ago. Which is the highest it's ever been and perhaps a reflection of how the hikes in the retail price of Chanel pieces has made them even more sought-after secondhand.

L to R: Chanel skirt, bag, coat, bag, heels and jacket.

Gucci, Hermes and Dior are all holding steady in the shadow of Chanel though for the first time, Dior has slightly overtaken Hermes in the ranks. 

L to R: Dior boots and bag, Gucci jacket and belt, Hermes tunic & trainers

Amazingly, Prada (3.5% to 1%) and Louis Vuitton (3.6% to 1.7%) have fallen dramatically. And searches for Alexander McQueen are almost non-existent from 3.2% previously. Certainly we have notices that prices for even the most classic pieces from these three names have been struggling for some time. Though the newer Prada bags are still super-popular. 

L to R: LV flats, McQueen clutch, LV jacket, McQueen jacket, Prada bag & shoes

Loewe, Stella McCartney, Celine, Burberry, Mulberry, Chloe and St Laurent are all holding steady - and so what's leapt up the rankings?

L to R: Saint Laurent flats, Loewe dress, Stella McCartney bag, Celine heels, Mulberry bag, Burberry coat & Chloe heels

Our local hero, Anna Mason has leapt from 2.8% to 3.4% and so has leapfrogged Prada - a sign of how popular Anna's designs are with her loyal grass-roots fan base here in SW London.

Anna Mason blouse, skirt, dress, jumpsuit, blouse & skirt

Valentino and Bottega Veneta have both had a boost and are now doing better than Prada and LV.

L to R: Prada skirtboots & bag, Valentino heels, bag & sandals

I keep expecting Rixo to fall from grace as it's been popular for a while now but incredibly it's leapt from 1.8% to 3.2% so it's still a huge hit with our buyers, although preloved prices have been falling.

Other notable trends are Zimmermann and Me&Em doubling their searches - both names we get asked for a lot in the shop. We sell a huge amount of Me&Em, albeit at a sizeable discount to retail but their cuts and quality are super-popular with our buyers. The demand for Zimmermann is partly a summer phenomenon but it's also a label that has a very high retail price in the UK and so only affordable for most buyers secondhand. 

L to R: Rixo dress, dress, Me&Em jacket & dress, Zimmermann trousers & dress

Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik have all fallen away to almost negligible searches. The death knell of high heels was rung during lockdown and the predicted "flight to height" never materialised.

A note about Marni who have fallen out of the rankings altogether. Which makes me very sad as it was the label that got me "into fashion" into the first place and I still love the few vintage Marni pieces that I still have. But then again, it means Marni is incredibly good value at the moment if you can find wearable secondhand pieces.

Finally lets look at those that are up and coming and those that have fallen like Marni.

Rising stars are : The Vampires Wife, The Row, Molly Goddard, Acne Studios, Shrimps and Toteme.

Falling away are: Victoria Beckham, Balmain, Self-Portrait, Tory Burch, Ganni, and Cefinn.

Til next time!

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