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Shonamac's Most Searched Designers of 2020

Shonamac's Most Searched Designers of 2020


Every year we publish our list of most sought-after designers based on website searches - and here is the "pandemic" version to show the shift in demand over the last eight months.


Perhaps unsurprisingly Chanel tops our list year after year and this hasn't changed since our infancy in 2002. As a fashion household name, Chanel are one of the few brands that can command consistent resale value and demand despite changing consumer attitudes and values. From their iconic bouclé jackets to their quilted chain handbags, this house has proved their timeless classics never go out of style. Shop our current Chanel offerings here.

Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Isabel Marant also retain their current rankings from 2nd to 4th place respectively. Logomania hasn't appeared to slow, with monogrammed bags and accessories having a consistently high turnover within our business. On the flipside Marant's understated boho cool remains a quiet powerhouse particularly with our local customers. Her instantly recognisable tunic tops remain high on our list of requested pieces and are known reliable purchases among clients.


Dior has taken the largest jump from 31st place to inside our top 10 most searched designers, perhaps helped by their huge touring retrospective which was shown at the V&A and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs as well as online. The Dior Book Tote bag has also had a huge amount of exposure among celebrities, influencers and press and has now become one of the most recognisable bags currently around. In terms of the resale market, the accessories arm of Dior appears to have the highest consumer appetite. 

Miu Miu has also climbed our list of searches by almost 20 places from 37 to 18.  The 'Y2K' trend has seen a huge revival in vintage style accessories which may explain why we are getting more hits for Miu Miu on our search bar. In particular small shoulder and baguette bags have definitely had a resurgence.

Searches for Jil Sander tripled on our website in the last 9 months. Whilst there isn't a clearcut explanation for this, the minimalist brand has a loyal following and has also undergone a change in creative direction in the last few years. Husband and wife duo Luke and Lucie Meier now head the company and have impressive experience behind them at brands including Dior, Supreme and Louis Vuitton. 


Rixo has entered our top 20 searches of 2020 which is definitely not a surprise as one of our most requested designers in-store. The UK based brand has nailed beautifully made silk pieces for a premium price point. Read more about their backstory on our Rixo designer spotlight blog.


Ralph Lauren resale value has slumped for a number of reasons and doesn't command the kinds of prices it would last decade. Some may argue the brand is oversaturated within the market and it is also relatively easy to buy new at outlets which has an impact on both desirability and price. Much like Michael Kors in that regard, the 'All American look' no longer has the audience it once did. In terms of coveted designs, Lauren also falls short with pieces that feel outdated next to their competitors.

After news that Victoria Beckham has yet to break even despite 11 years in business, it is no surprise that she has dropped in resale demand as well. The minimal aesthetic market has loyal shoppers at brands like Celine, The Row and Jil Sander while overall appetite has moved towards more casual or recognisable styles. Both Beckham's luxury price point and lack of years makes it hard for her to contend with the heavy hitters in this area.

Interest in Marc Jacobs has been on the decline for several years - in 2018 Jacobs closed their London flagship store as well as retail posts across Europe. A slump in sales also saw the closure of the diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs. Much like Ralph Lauren, Jacobs products have flooded outlets and so basic supply and demand has dictated a downward turn in sales and price. 


Following the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will definitely be interesting to see how these searches change over the next 12 months and which brands retain their value despite the changing economy and consumer attitudes. If you are interested in selling with us click here to find out more. Shop our New Arrivals featuring many of the aforementioned designers here and don't forget to follow us on Instagram for the most up to date products and information.


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